Betting Tips

A collection of tips.. Tip #1: Be patient When you first start out you’ll be tempted to try to bet as frequently as possible, don’t. Wait for matches with good odds where you or the predictors know the teams. Never force yourself to bet, bet on [...]

E-sports betting history

t appears that eSports betting isn’t just the latest betting trend, but a large industry that is here to stay. There are many reasons why eSports betting is so popular. Firstly, it is only natural for people who are into eSports, who watch [...]

Analysing Esports Bets

The aim of every punter is to place as many winning bets as possible, while keeping losses to a minimum. As you already know, betting successfully on eSports isn’t a matter of luck, if you’re not doing your homework, you might win a couple of [...]

Betting Glossary

ICB = Inventory Cleaning Bet Just as it sounds, clean out some skins you really don’t want. Use an ICB in cases where it’s too risky to place anything valuable down, but the odds are so good that even a 40 cent stake could return something big. [...]

CS:GO Betting Guide

Before you start CS:GO betting Firstly, ask yourself… Do I love CS:GO? Can I afford to spend $X on betting? Can I afford to lose $X on betting? If the answer to any of those is NO, then save yourself the tears and stop before you start. If you [...]